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Types of Explainer Video

Blade Media are an explainer video company based in the UK. We help businesses across the UK (and now globally) tell the world about their product or service through the use of beautiful explainer videos. There are a few different options when it comes to producing marketing videos for use online. One is the Whiteboard animation video. This technique uses special software to turn line illustrations into attention grabbing animations as they are magically drawn on-screen for the viewer. We have invested in the very best piece of software for the job of turning the illustrations into the on-screen animation. The process works as follows: 1. We find out exactly how your product or service works so we have that set in our mind. This can be done over email/skype or phone but its an incredibly important part of the process. 2. We put together a document that allows you to very easily write a script which will be voiced over on the final video. 3. We then suggest images that we think would work well as the animated marketing videos proceed. 4. You will then give us feedback on the images and suggest alternatives and we reach a finalised storyboard 5. The illustration guys set to work on the images to turn them into beautiful bespoke line drawings that the specialised software can read. 6. We put together a ‘Wireframe’ for your sign off. A first cut of the animated video for your approval 7. You approve (with amendments if necessary) 8. We then add music (3 tracks to choose from) 9. We add voiceover – male or female 10. We add your logo – animated or static 11. We deliver the file as a download link in a format suitable for your final delivery. So we will work with you throughout the entire process and can show you examples we have done to help with your own video and how that might look. Animated video production processes can be fun and interesting. It may even help you to understand your target market even better whilst going through the process. So contact us now to talk to us about your idea for good animated marketing videos and let us help you. As an explainer video company, we are well used to guiding companies through the sometimes confusing route of communicating your ideas to the rest of the world. There are many companies out there who only use library images within the animation and this is how they can charge the kind of low rates you may have seen on sites such as Fiverr.com and others. We only use bespoke images because we feel that every company has a unique story to tell and need bespoke images to convey that. Its also down to the colour choice as well. If you want your brand to shine through in the animated video, its important to coordinate the colours and we will work with you on that. If you have gained something from reading this article and go on to use a different explainer video company, just remember to make sure that they ask the right questions about your product or service.